where art crosses boundaries
When asked, ^What is art? Picasso is said to have remarked, 
^What isn't art?

He knew art, alright.  He questioned convention, crossed boundaries, and built himself an enviable oeuvre, where anything was fair game for his creative genius.

What's more, commercial success didn't dog him, as it did hordes of other artists.  His was both a masterful and a lucrative art, and he lived a life many of us envy.

He is one of my inspirations.  I was in a 20-year dry spell with  my poetry.  Soon after a fateful visit to a Picasso exhibit in Abu Dhabi, however, I rediscovered the art I've loved for almost a lifetime.

At the heels of Picasso came truly a constellation of arts, besides poetry. From Shakespeare, to film and theater.  From visual and musical arts, to martial arts.

I am no Picasso, obviously.  But to the extent that I can question, cross, and build, then perhaps there is a  part of him in me.

I am Ron Villejo, PhD, and this is Dr. Ron Art 
{where art crosses boundaries}
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